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You'll always be able to request a free gameservers on our platform. But for a static IP:PORT and customizable gameserver; it's better to rent a gameserver for yourself / team / organisation. We do our best to provide good quality gameservers, and that's why we would like to grow now we've got the 'gameserver for rent' option in our website! To maintain and optimize this platform is still our hobby, and the profit we'd get by the rent will be used to get FreeGameHosting even better!

The benefits from a ordered gameserver, compared to the free gameservers, are as follows:
Without login With login Rented
Located in France
Anti-DDOS Protection (24/7)
Start Server
Stop Server
Edit Server
Up to 24 slots
FTP Access
24/7 Online
Your own mods
Static Server IP:PORT
Webspace for HTTP Redirect
In-game Advertisement
"by" in the hostname
See below
Get ready to order your own gameserver!
Payment method